v1.1.3.0 not responding + bug_id 79

You encountered a fault/bug and can be replicated. Please tell us.
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v1.1.3.0 not responding + bug_id 79

Post by Damic » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:32 pm

Don't know how to replicate it but I encountered this:
* Menu opens but doesn't respond
* TeleGrafiek opens but doesn't respond
Killed it in taskmanager

Edit: bug_id 79 Possible crash when when power cycling a DP/HDMI screen. (Win 7 only?)
* screen off = screen size to minimum
* screen on = screen size to setted size

Edit 06-06-2017: maybe it's a combined problem if your graphic card doesn't officially support the resolution your currently on. My FirePro v4900 officially doesn't support 4k resolutions, so I ordered a W2100. But I can't test Win7 anymore. :roll:

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