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Last Build: v1.11.0.0

What's DNETC RunChecker. It's a small program to help you manage OFFLINE pc's (without keyboard/mouse/screen) running DNETC. Currently only RC5-72 is supported and the filename must be dnetc_cl.exe (cl stand for OpenCl-client)

How the program works
1. There must be a directory on the C drive with the name dnetc (i.e. c:\dnetc) and it must be writeable for everybody
2. dnetc_cl.exe and the settings file must be in that directory
3. this program must be on autostart

Every 10 seconds it does the following steps
* check if there is a usb stick with the following file on it: buff-in.r72 if yes it will move the file to the dnetc dir as import.r72, also moving the buff-out.r72 and log files to the usb stick.
* If no usb stick is found, but a import.r72 file is found the file wil be imported.
* Check if dnetc_cl.exe is running, if not start it up.

Screenshot of Win 10
DNETC Run Checker

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Last page update: 26-02-2017