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Test Version | Final design
Change the first gen RX7 mechanical alternator regulator to a electronic one. It will give you a better responding regulator and it fits in the original box.

Test version
After some research and tweaking I had the test version ready:
Test version #1 Test version #2 Test version #3 Test version #4 Test version #5

Testing in the car:
Test version #6

Ordered some small pcb's:
Test pcb #1 Test pcb #2 Test pcb #3

Final design
Final schematic

Ordered some big pcb's:
Test version #

After road testing it for almost 4 years it was time to assemble it on a big pcb and mount it
Final big #1 Final big #2 Final big #3

Latest changes

Status: final product.

Last page update: 26-02-2017