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This is a test case to write your own radio program for Windows CE (or Windows Mobile) for a 2 din EONON radio GE01(BE).
Limitations: * Optional to connect
** Only GE01BE

Here some pictures from the program



The test setup is currently my own windows 7 pc with .NET v3.5. Why I'm using .NET v3.5, because NAudio only works on 3.5 or higher. Why NAudio because it mostly easy to use
You can change these root paths in frmDvdSdUsb.vb > SetPlayMode() * I don't have a iDevice

The current build can play mp3 files (didn't test with other files yet) in streaming mode = stream the file thru a buffer and play the buffer, why you ask: limitations of the hardware and when you read a large file then there is a large silence before the file start to play.
The 43,0s that you on the left side of the player (between the buttons) is the bufferlength, 43s is the maximum I gues. If the song get's to the end you will see it going to zero and then jump to the next song.

*Needs more work
Download link
Old releases

Status: its a test case so = alpha stage.

Last page update: 07-02-2016